How Raven S. Yates Went From Performing in the Streets to Becoming Hollywood Famouz

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / For many people, their passion starts once they start to perceive things around them as infants. Painters fall in love with the colors that surround them as babies. For artist Raven S. Yates, the same thing can be said regarding her love for music.

Born Raven Sywaun Yates, her passion for music began when she was old enough to comprehend sounds. The melodies and rhythm had not just captivated her ears, but her heart and soul as well.

The music inspired her to become such a lyricist that she became known for having a way with her peer’s words. Raven was pushed to perform throughout her childhood. She gained local popularity and performed around the city she grew up in. By age 13, Raven successfully recorded her first track.

While the road to success may have been paved early for her, Raven S. Yates went through some hardships in her life. She pursued a career in the music industry, but as it often is with women of color, it proved to be a steep climb. Eventually, she lost everything in her pursuit.

However, Raven held on to the dream of making it big. Determined to make it, Raven continued her pursuit for a career in the music industry. She decided to adopt the stage name Hollywood Famouz.

She can both sing and rap, which not many artists can do. Most of her songs are told with a narrative that describes the things she had been through in her life. As a performer, Raven wants to give her fans the experience they deserve. Every time she performs, she finds herself exactly where she belongs. Raven doesn’t see her career as a work. Instead, she sees it as something she loves.

After gaining a bigger following, Raven turned her eyes to modeling. She uses her platform to encourage her followers to love their bodies. Raven also started her entrepreneurial ventures by starting a business called The Famouz Beauty Collection, selling products such as wigs, hair extensions, and lashes.

Raven found herself in a better place than when she had first set out. She later moved to Los Angeles, eager to push her career further. She enrolled in college at LA Film to enhance her knowledge in what she loves to do: performing.

Whether it’s singing, rapping, dancing, or acting, everything comes naturally for her. She has been buckling down to work on her next major project to give back to her fans, who she loves so dearly.

Raven has recently released her first EP titled “Bitxh I’m Famouz Vol 1” which can be found on all streaming platforms. She hopes that her fans will learn from her example to continue chasing their dreams no matter the obstacle.

To find out more updates on Raven S. Yate’s career, you may follow her on Instagram.

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